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Butte County BOS Meetings re: Marijuana Cultivation

Click HERE to view past Board of Supervisor meetings discussing marijuana cultivation etc. in Butte County.

CA Prop 64 Impacts on Butte County

Read the Butte County impact report for Measure Prop 64: With highlighting OR Original report w/o highlighting
Impact Analysis - MS-Powerpoint presentation by county staff PDF Version

Report Crimes!

SEU would like the public to know that the manufacturing of butane honey oil is illegal and highly dangerous due to the flammability of butane and the explosive nature of butane vapors in enclosed areas.
If you suspect a butane honey oil lab, please contact the Special Enforcement Unit at 530-538-7389. You can remain anonymous.

Stay In The Box!

Go here to learn more about Measure A code requirements, complaint process, download brochures and presentations, etc. or send an e-mail to Butte County Code Enforcement
You can call 530-538-6000 to file an anonymous complaint.
DOWNLOAD the Medical Marijuana Complaint Form:

Crimes - Butte Co. and nearby areas with similar problems

Two years later, honey oil lab explosion victims still recovering ActionNews 11-15-2016
Man arrested for shooting death of brother ActionNews 10-12-2016
Man shot and killed by brother in Bangor KRCR-TV 10-12-2016
Man allegedly shoots, kills his brother in Bangor ChicoER 10-12-2016
Medical marijuana plants in violation of county ordinance seized KRCR-TV 10-5-2016
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Local News

Board of Supervisors moves forward with recreational marijuana growing ordinance ChicoER 1-24-2017
Butte Co. Supervisors consider new recreational marijuana regulations ActionNews 1-24-2017
Board of Supervisors discusses commercial cannabis in the county ChicoER 12-6-2016
California votes to legalize marijuana; Butte sticks with its rules ChicoER 11-8-2016
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No on Measure L Paradise Post 11-5-2016
Pot proponents take page from tobacco companies ChicoER 11-5-2016
Rejection of Measure L the best kind of prevention ChicoER 11-4-2016
Butte County already has marijuana laws that work ChicoER 10-26-2016
If voters follow the money, they’ll reject Measure L ChicoER 10-25-2016
Measure A works, while Measure L is a sure loser ChicoER 10-23-2016


60 Minutes Examines How Legal Pot Is Affecting Colorado; Governor Urges Other States to Wait Until More Data Tell of Impact The Marijuana Report 11-2-2016
Debate over legal pot in CA continues to grow ActionNews 10-21-2016
Meet the Trimmigrants Hanging Out on the Streets of Willow Creek, Looking For Work Lost Coast Outpost 10-21-2016Denver, Colorado DA letter warns against Legalization CALMUSA 10-18-2016
'Commercialization won out': will legal marijuana be the next big tobacco? The Guardian 10-14-2016
Marijuana tax revenue hopes could go up in smoke SacBee 10-6-2016
Slick Proposition 64 is bad for public health SacBee 9-17-2016
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Health & Medicine

Study Reveals What Cannabis Does To Your Brain IFL Science
Butane hash-oil burns on the rise UC Davis Health System 7-29-2015
Hash-oil burns are exploding danger SacBee 6-6-2015
Marijuana far more potent than it used to be, tests find CBS News 3-23-2015
Author says half of daily users become addicted, roughly 2.7 million people PolitiFact Rhode Island
Medical Pot Only OK For Sick Kids Failed by Other Drugs ActionNews 1-26-2015
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Cleaning up after California's pot farmers LA Times 9-23-2015
Water board considers waste water permit for pot growers KRCR-News 9-2-2015
Pot Farmers Steal Water Amid Epic Drought NBC - video
Man wants possible honey oil lab dump site cleaned from creekbed ChicoER 10-24-2014
"It's Very Extreme" - Drought & Drug Cartels Drain California's Aquifers At Record Rate 10-23-2014
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