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Legalize Pot in CA?

Also visit this site: A website tracking the violations of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington

Articles etc. concerning possible future legalization of recreational marijuana in California

Debate over legal pot in CA continues to grow ActionNews 10-21-2016
Meet the Trimmigrants Hanging Out on the Streets of Willow Creek, Looking For Work Lost Coast Outpost 10-21-2016
Denver, Colorado DA letter warns against Legalization CALMUSA 10-18-2016
'Commercialization won out': will legal marijuana be the next big tobacco? The Guardian 10-14-2016
Marijuana tax revenue hopes could go up in smoke SacBee 10-6-2016
Slick Proposition 64 is bad for public health SacBee 9-17-2016
Denver DA speaks out about Nevada's proposed marijuana law KOLO New Now 9-14-2016
Dianne Feinstein officially opposes pot legalization in California SacBee 7-12-2016
Is Pot Losing Its Buzz in Colorado? Fortune Magazine 7-1-2016
California’s largest political party just endorsed legalizing marijuana SacBee 6-20-2016
Regulating Marijuana in California (Public Policy Institute of California)
Lessons After Three Years of Marijuana Legalization SAM 2-17-2016
How drug traffickers are using legal marijuana to evade the law New York Post 1-28-2016
Hasty decisions - Cities rush to ban medical marijuana—will Chico be next? Chico N&R 1-28-2016
California Senate backs bill to slow medical marijuana bans ActionNews 1-25-2016
With state deadline looming, cities and counties rush to ban pot cultivation SacBee 1-21-2016
Gov. Jerry Brown signs law targeting illegal marijuana grows L.A. Times 1-6-2016
Impact of marijuana legalization in Colorado 'pretty grim' Toronto Sun 11-8-2015
Governor Brown OKs medical marijuana regulations ActionNews 10-9-2015
Legal Marijuana's Impact on Colorado Troubling Dr. 9-15-2015
Lawmakers announce deal on medical marijuana legislation SacBee 9-10-2015
California drafts 1st-ever medical marijuana regulations KRCR News 9-11-2015
Marijuana legalization: Supporters can collect signatures for ballot initiative ActionNews 9-9-2015
As legal marijuana spreads, states struggle with drugged driving SacBee 8-26-2015
Marijuana harm ignored in push for legalization ChicoER 8-12-2015
California lawmakers appear ready to finally regulate medical marijuana Sacramento N&R 6-25-2015
What if Big Marijuana becomes Big Tobacco? 4-30-2015
Some burning questions to mull on 420 Day SacBee 4-20-2015
Pot web site puts $1 million into possible California initiative SacBee 4-17-2015
Marijuana Taxes Won’t Save State Budgets NY Times 4-9-2015
Tax officials tour cannabis sitesEureka Times-Standard 4-9-2015
Hash oil explosions prompt proposed changes in pot states Yahoo News 4-3-2015
Native American tribes converge to discuss pot legalization ActionNews 2-27-2015
Colorado's New Attorney General: Pot Legalization 'Not Worth It' US News & World Report 2-23-2015
Cities and counties have a right to ban the sale of marijuana Seattle Times 2-8-2015
Denver 8th Graders Use 350% Higher than National Average Legalization Violations 1-27-2015
Hash Oil Linked to Dozens of Home Explosions in Colorado Newsweek 1-19-2015
Al Jazeera America special Issue on Marijuana
Federal judge weighs marijuana’s classification ChicoER 1-12-2015
Federal judge weighs marijuana's classificationActionNews 1-12-2015
Northern California tribe plans m farm ActionNews 1-12-2015
Medical marijuana a challenge for legal pot states Yahoo News
Justice Department memo allows tribes to make their own rules on growing marijuana ChicoER 12-17-2014
Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana LA Times 12-16-2014
Denver School Pot Arrests Jump after Recreational Stores Open 12-15-2014
Local tribes unmoved by federal memo allowing pot on reservations Eureka Times-Standard 12-12-2014
Casinos And Weed: Feds Give Tribes Green Light To Grow And Sell Marijuana Addicting Info 12-12-2014
Tribes wary of selling pot, even if DOJ says OK ActionNews 12-12-2014
Pot treats may face Colorado scrutiny Action News 11-17-2014
U.S. states' pot legalization not in line with international law: U.N. agency Reuters 11-12-2014
Pot black market still thrives after Colorado legalization PBS.ORG
Legalize Pot? You Must Be High TIME Magazine 11-7-2014