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Pot proponents take page from tobacco companies ChicoER 11-5-2016
Rejection of Measure L the best kind of prevention ChicoER 11-4-2016
Butte County already has marijuana laws that work ChicoER 10-26-2016
If voters follow the money, they’ll reject Measure L ChicoER 10-25-2016
Measure A works, while Measure L is a sure loser ChicoER 10-23-2016
Measure L would be damaging to county ChicoER 10-14-2016
Butte County’s Measure L represents a step backward on marijuana ChicoER 10-13-2016
Reject Measure L, keep voter-approved regulations ChicoER 10-9-2016
Pot talk Chico News & Review 10-6-2016
Measure L would allow too much pot growing ChicoER 10-2-2016
Don’t trust regulations written by pot industry ChicoER 9-18-2016
Save Butte County from marijuana, vote no on L ChicoER 9-13-2016
Approving Measure L would be a huge mistake ChicoER 9-3-2016
Don’t let pot farmers take over Butte County ChicoER 8-27-2016
Pot profiteers trying to take over the county ChicoER 8-22-2016
Protections are for farmers, not pot growers ChicoER 6-2-2016
Talking pot Chico News & Review 6-2-2016
Vandalism says a lot about Measure G, H opponents ChicoER 5-26-2016
Marijuana industry not concerned with medicine ChicoER 5-24-2016
County line’s visible from miles away, thanks to grows (Humboldt County) Times-Standard 5-18-16
Pot profiteers object to reasonable regulations ChicoER 5-18-2016
Marijuana growers aren’t legitimate farmers ChicoER 5-10-2016
Measures G and H help with marijuana limits ChicoER 4-17-2016
Pot growers are far from legitimate farmers ChicoER 3-23-2016

Report pot growers to help preserve water in drought ChicoER 7-28-2015
Freedoms restored by passage of Measure A ChicoER 4-26-2015
Measure A opponents need to remember election ChicoER 4-16-2015
Measuring Measure A Chico N&R 4-16-2015; two letters
All About PotChico N&R 3-12-2015
Lawsuit isn’t about medicine; it’s about profit ChicoER 2-9-2015
Pot traders need to listen to Butte County voters Oroville MR 2-8-2015

Many don't understand risks of using marijuana ChicoER 11-6-2014
Don't allow marijuana growers to call the shots ChicoER 11-1-2014
Don't let marijuana growers fool you again ChicoER 10-28-2014
Measure B is about profit, not medicine ChicoER 10-16-2014
Measure B is bad for Butte County ChicoER 10-25-2014
Is there a medical calamity happening in Butte County? ChicoER 10-24-2014
Two letter writers ignore realities about pot ChicoER 10-18-2014
Vote yes on A to stop commercial pot growing ChicoER 10-16-2014
Yes on A, no on B is a win-win for all ChicoER 10-15-2014
Medical journal sheds light on effects of marijuana use ChicoER 10-13-2014
Local Democrats take shameful stance on pot ChicoER 10-11-2014
Yes on A, no on B; don't get this one wrong ChicoER 10-11-2014
Pot initiatives are about money, not medicine ChicoER 10-11-2014
Yes on A to stop Butte County's downward slide ChicoER 10-9-2014
Ample evidence that marijuana causes harm ChicoER 10-4-2014
Send a message to pot profiteers; vote yes on A, no on B ChicoER 10-3-2014
Medical marijuana growing good for local economy ChicoER 9-25-2014 - The rebuttal comments are juicy
Going to pot Chico N&R 9-25-2014
Butte County going to pot; help reverse the trend ChicoER 9-22-2014
Vote yes on A, no on B to address pot problems ChicoER 9-20-2914
Vote yes on Measure A, or watch Butte County go to pot Oroville MR 9-16-2014
Anti-fracking group now knows how it feels ChicoER 8-19-2014
Well-heeled union members will fight all pot ChicoER 8-19-2014
Farmers pinched while pot growers get free ride ChicoER 6-28-2014
Not fair to link legal farmers, illegal growers ChicoER 6-13-2014
Legalization of marijuana would have hidden costs ChicoER 6-5-2014
Can voters expect Merkel to tax marijuana? ChicoER 5-30-14
Marijuana money guides challenger's decisions ChicoER 5-27-2014
Vote for Wahl is a vote for relief from marijuana ChicoER 5-25-2014
Debate provides clarity on county supervisor race ChicoER 5-24-2014
Just say no to Merkel and lax marijuana growing laws OrovilleMR 5-13-2014
Citizens should rise up, ban all marijuana growing ChicoER 5-10-2014
Growing regulations would help those who need medicine ChicoER 5-9-2014
Wahl an ally for citizens against for-profit growers ChicoER 5-3-2014
Don't paint marijuana growers with broad brush OrovilleMR 5-1-2014
Letter: Marijuana supporters now see the light OrovilleMR 5-1-2014
Pot growing has changed county for the worse ChicoER 4-26-2014
Wait-and-see approach on legal marijuana is wise OrovilleMR 4-26-2014
Say No to Pot Chico News&Review 4-24-2014
For-profit growers harm quality of life ChicoER 4-19-2014
Respect, decency work both ways ChicoER 4-7-2014
Public has right to know about impaired workers ChicoER 4-1-2014
Respect the will of the people on cannabis ChicoER 3-27-2014
Legalization will cure matters, just like before ChicoER 3-27-2014
Those who abuse medical marijuana law are the problem OrovilleMR 3-22-2014
Butte shouldn't aspire to being marijuana capital ChicoER 3-20-2014
Pot advocate hazy on provocative comment ChicoER 3-18-2014
Citizen wrong on marijuana cultivation ChicoER 3-7-2014
Supervisors inconsiderate toward patients OrovilleMR 3-3-2014 - We don't agree with this letter
Letter writer needs the true facts on marijuana OrovilleMR 3-2-2014
Marijuana Becomes a Public Safety Concern ChicoER 2-27-2014
Don't sign marijuana petition ChicoER 2-23-2014
Do the math on marijuana grows ChicoER 2-22-2014
Cannabis business doesn't need our help ChicoER 2-21-2014
Research Before Signing Pot Petition OrovilleMR 2-20-2014
Be Smart About Marijuana Growing OrovilleMR 2-20-2014
Another election a waste of time ChicoER 2-15-2014 - interesting exchange following this letter to the editor
Say no to pot petition Chico News & Review 2-6-14
Pot advocates had their chance, blew it ChicoER 2-6-2014
Medical pot abuse calls for correction ChicoER 1-21-2014
Supervisors Really Do Listen ChicoER 1-20-2014
Citizen Uproar Makes a Difference ChicoER 1-18-2014
Supervisors need to protect residents ChicoER 1-12-2014

'Harmless drug' causes many problems OrovilleMR 12-9-2013
Marijuana can be sensibly regulated ChicoER 9-17-2013 - OK, but it requires state/national changes, won't help Butte in short term
Marijuana advocate says foothill pollution not fault of medicinal growers ChicoER 8-23-2013
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