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What the press thinks

Here is a sampling from various newspaper websites:
No on Measure L Paradise Post 11-5-2016
Butte County’s Measure L represents a step backward on marijuana ChicoER 10-13-2016
Discussion reveals flaws in Measure L ChicoER 9-28-2016
Here we go again on county marijuana rules ChicoER 7-20-16
Editorial: Butte voters should approve Measures G, H ChicoER 6-2-2016
Editorial: Hits and Misses (discussing additional Code Enforcement hirings) ChicoER 3-26-2016
Editorial: Hits and Misses ("Here we go again") ChicoER 3-5-2016
Editorial: Hits and misses ChicoER 1-16-2016 (discussing raucus meetings in Paradise & Yuba City)
Butte County needs to add teeth to marijuana enforcement ChicoER 1-12-2016
Keep up the marijuana eradication effort on public lands ChicoER 10-11-2015
Voters learn to use their voices, and newspapers help ChicoER 11-16-2014

This time they formed a group, called BSANE (which stands for “Butte Safe Access, Not Excess”). They spoke out at public meetings. They wrote letters to the editor — and signed them. They enlisted retired Sheriff Jerry Smith, himself a rural resident, to serve as a figurehead and spokesman. They raised money to advertise and hang signs. They built a website. They wouldn’t be bullied. They didn’t back down.In short, they did everything right. And they won on Nov. 4, with 60.8 percent of the vote for their preferred Measure A. The growers’ choice, Measure B, lost with two-thirds of the people voting no.

Voters made some wise choices locally ChicoER 11-5-2014

Chief among the wise choices was a rout for Measure A, the marijuana-growing restrictions that were still very lenient, just not lenient enough for an industry that's more about making money than growing "medicine." The pot growers responded with their own idea, Measure B. Measure A had 61.6 percent approval. Measure B had 33.1 percent approval. The Measure A supporters were outspent by the pot industry, and the Butte County Democratic Party got on board with the growers because they needed an election issue to drive turnout. It didn't work. Voters decided it was time to end the anything-goes growing in rural areas. Thanks to a spirited campaign led by fed-up longtime residents and former Sheriff Jerry Smith, they prevailed.

Editorial: Measures A and B Paradise Post 10-30-2014

Voters who supported Proposition 215 in the beginning – particularly conservative voters – did so for compassionate reasons. But they never envisioned that Prop. 215 would condone marijuana grows for personal use or for profit....The Post supports Measure A and opposes Measure B.

Pot growers take slate mail to a new low ChicoER 10-30-2014

A vote for Measure B is a vote for property rights, we are told. False, but maybe some people will buy that. A vote for Measure A cuts off patient access. False, but maybe some other people will buy that. And now, Measure A is a $20 million boondoggle. A total fiction, but maybe a few more people will buy into that as well.

Yes on Measure A, no on B ChicoER 10-16-2014

We've yet to hear a good argument for Measure B. In fact, you don't hear much of an argument at all. The B side avoids talk about marijuana plantations and instead talks about "private property rights" and "access to medicine."

Medical marijuana — really? Paradise Post 10-15-2014

I believe the way we are handling "medical marijuana" is ridiculous. I put "medical marijuana" in quotes because I believe that the vast majority of "medical marijuana patients" are, in fact, using it primarily for recreation.

Hits and Misses ChicoER 9-19-2014. See Item 2:

...What a crock. Measure B is one of the two marijuana-growing ordinances on the ballot, and it's the egregious one. It says pot growers and only pot growers get to set the rules on pot growing, and prohibits the county from regulating them beyond the rules the pot growers set for themselves.

San Jose should ... rein in marijuana dispensaries SJ Mercury News 6-9-2014
Election proves marijuana issue isn't going away ChicoER 6-4-2014
Wahl the best choice for county supervisor ChicoER 5-25-2014
How about a little decorum at public meetings? ChicoER 4-26-2014
Don't give pot industry free ride, again ChicoER 4-24-2014
Californians Need to Stay Lucid ChicoER 3-5-2014
Unregulated Cannabis Wreaks Foothills Destruction ChicoSol 2-28-2014
Warning signs on Colorado's marijuana legalization Christian Science Monitor via 2-26-2014
Reefer rules reconsidered Chico N&R 1-30-2014
A rare agreement with the Post, Dan Logue (Guest Editorial) Paradise Post 1-29-2014
Praise for our Board of Supervisors Paradise Post 1-21-2014
Supervisors do the logical thing on marijuana growing ChicoER 1-20-2014
County needs limits on pot ChicoER 11-14-2013
Environment is going to pot Sac Bee 8-4-2013
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