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Pot greenhouse

Lake Oroville Grading

Scores of marijuana plants grew in fabric containers filled with rich top soil on newly carved terraces. Wells had been dug and water pumped to large tanks, where it was mixed with nitrate fertilizer and piped to the plants.

Farmers, nowhere to be seen, left behind doctors' certificates saying the marijuana was being grown for medicinal purposes, as authorized by Proposition 215, the 1996 initiative that legalized medical marijuana.

Eroded Bank

This is an example of the erosion which occurs due to non-compliant grading practices. The sediment will probably make it into Lake Oroville.

Sea of Green

Way more than 99 plants I think!

Steep Fill Bank waiting to fail

This is an example of non-compliant grading practices. This fill bank consists of loose sandy soil and has no erosion prevention measures.

Lets go camping

A pot grow with several tents. The amended ordinance (Dec 2013) specifically requires a legal dwelling and is meant to prevent these situations.


A 25-lb pail of rodent poison found near a pot grow. The container had bear teeth marks on it and was empty.

Honey Oil

Baking dish of Butane Honey Oil (BHO) seized during a drug-lab raid in Magalia

Trailer + Fabric Fence

Another rogue grow using fabric fence and a travel trailer for the seasons' work. The visual blight is likely to lower neighborhood property values.

Porta-potty + Water tanks

Another rogue grow site, with porta-potty and hauled-in water.


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