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Environmental Impact

Rogue Marijuana growers are having a destructive impact on the local environment.

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Cleaning up after California's pot farmers LA Times 9-23-2015
Water board considers waste water permit for pot growers KRCR-News 9-2-2015
Pot Farmers Steal Water Amid Epic Drought NBC - video
Man wants possible honey oil lab dump site cleaned from creekbed ChicoER 10-24-2014
"It's Very Extreme" - Drought & Drug Cartels Drain California's Aquifers At Record Rate 10-23-2014
Regulating Cannabis and Conserving Butte's Foothills:Both are Possible ChicoSol 10-21-2014
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Dry California Fights Illegal Use of Water for Cannabis NY Times 8-6-2014
Study finds medical pot farms draining streams dry Yahoo News 6-1-2014
Diesel Dope, Monster Trucks, and Snotty Dispensary Clerks: A Veteran Pot Grower's Back-to-the-Land Adventure Mother Jones 5-13-2014
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Marijuana's thirst depleting North Coast watersheds Press Democrat 4-12-2014
The Landscape-Scarring, Energy-Sucking, Wildlife-Killing Reality of Pot Farming Mother Jones Mar-Apr 2014
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Pot growers are stealing water from farmers, CA soldier says 2-25-2014
How Smoking Pot Kills Wildlife EcoWatch 2-15-2014
Illegal, Remote Pot Farms In California Poisoning Rare Wildlife 2-14-2014
Pot growers must be stopped from harming environment Fresno Bee 1-16-2014
Gov. Brown funds Logue’s Proposal to Reinforce Illegal Pot Grow Laws Action News 1-9-2014
Pot farmers vs. the environment Merced Sun-Star 9-16-2013
Marijuana Busts Leads To Damage To The Environment KRCR 9-12-2012
Aerial tour of Shasta County marijuana grows KRCR 9-4-2013 - Not our county; it's worse in Butte due to steep terrain and the resulting grading practices.
Big marijuana grows moving into foothills, bringing environmental damage OrovilleMR 8-25-2013
Legislators work to combat pot pollution in Butte Red Bluff Daily News 8-8-2013
Butte request leads to state task force on pot garden pollution ChicoER 8-7-2013
Butte County Works to Combat Illegal Pot Grows, Receives No Help From State 8-5-2013
Butte County Works to Combat Illegal Pot Grows, Receives No Help From State 8-5-2013 Letter from Supervisor Bill Connelly
The Conversation: Environment is going to pot Sacramento Bee 8-4-2013 - Great photo slideshow
Environment is going to pot 8-3-2013
California State Officials Afraid To Regulate Marijuana Farm Water Pollution Opposing Views 8-1-2013
Pot farm pollution: Too dangerous to deal with? Yahoo News 8-1-2013 - incredible photos here
Pot farm pollution: Too dangerous to deal with? KCRA News 8-1-2013
California’s Pot Farms – A Growing Environmental Disaster The Epoch Times, 8-1-2013
Butte letter launches effort to get state water panel into pot garden fight ChicoER 7-30-2013