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Green Rush = Crime Wave

News stories chronicling marijuana-related crimes mainly in Butte County and surrounding rural areas (presented in reverse chronological order). Note, we apologize if some of the older links go to "Page Not Found;" we are not responsible for outside web sites which move or delete their content.
Two years later, honey oil lab explosion victims still recovering ActionNews 11-15-2016
Man arrested for shooting death of brother ActionNews 10-12-2016
Man shot and killed by brother in Bangor KRCR-TV 10-12-2016
Man allegedly shoots, kills his brother in Bangor ChicoER 10-12-2016
Medical marijuana plants in violation of county ordinance seized KRCR-TV 10-5-2016
2 tied up at gunpoint during medical marijuana robbery ActionNews 9-21-2016
Explosion levels home in Rackerby; butane lab probed Appeal-Democrat 9-9-2016
Honey oil explosion Chico News&Review 9-1-2016
Fourth suspect in Dungeon raid turns himself in to police ActionNews 8-26-2016
'Smoke shop owner' verbally attacks photographer after BHO manufacturing equipment bust ActionNews 8-24-2016
Drug raid on downtown Chico business nets marijuana-refining equipment ChicoER 8-24-2016
3 arrested in BINTF drug sting at Chico tobacco shopKRCR-News 8-24-2016
3 arrested in Butane Honey Oil equipment bust ActionNews 8-24-2016
Trinity Sheriffs seize huge haul of guns, drugs, bombs in bust ActionNews 2016-08-19
Police allegedly find marijuana garden at Chico business ChicoER 7-1-2016
Chico Police, Butte Co. Sheriff's raid business complex pot operation in Chico ActionNews 6-30-2016
Las Vegans arrested, 654 marijuana plants seized in Concow ChicoER 6-7-2016
Butte County deputies discover large marijuana cultivation sites in Berry Creek area ChicoER 6-7-2016
Butte Co. Sheriff's bust two marijuana grows, 8,989 plants eradicated KRCR-TV 6-7-2016
Butte County deputies bust pot grow east of Palermo ChicoER 5-27-2016
Repeat offender arrested on drug related charges for second time in less than weekActionNews 5-27-2016
Two arrested after search turns up butane honey oil lab KRCR-News 5-27-2016
Drug agents seize [2000] marijuana plants, guns during raid ActionNews 5-27-16
Report: Butane honey oil labs on the rise in Butte County KRCR News 5-23-2016
Butte Co drug enforcement taskforce: "honey oil labs, meth use on the rise" ActionNews 5-20-2016
Sacramentan arrested for alleged pot grow in Oroville ChicoER 5-20-2016
Angelenos arrested for alleged roles in large marijuana operation near Oroville ChicoER 5-20-2016
Honey oil labs on rise in Butte County ChicoER 2016-05-19
Deputies Bust Two Major Illegal Pot Grows In Oroville ActionNews 5-19-2016
Oroville man arrested after officers allegedly find honey oil lab in his car ChicoER 4-14-2016
Mendocino County sheriff talks ‘marijuana safety for loggers’ Times-Standard 3-18-2016
Alleged marijuana-refining lab blast in Corning injures one ChicoER 3-14-2016
Witness: Mother displaced after son's honey oil lab explodes Action News 3-12-2016
Redding real estate agent arrested in Arkansas pot bust KRCR-TV 2-5-2016
Former Thermalito man gets 10 years in honey oil explosionChicoER 2-5-2016
Man sentenced to prison for honey oil lab explosion ActionNews 2-5-2016
Bail reduced for Yuba County deputy in Butte weapons case ChicoER 1-13-2016
$1 million bail upheld for Yuba County narcotics officerSacramento Bee 1-11-2016
Five arrested in connection with Pennsylvania marijuana bust KRCR News 1-11-2016
Yuba deputy arraigned on Butte weapons charges ChicoER 1-11-2016
Investigation of Yuba County deputy nets three arrests KRCR-News 1-8-2016
Search warrants nab three in Yuba County drug officer investigation ActionNews 1-8-2016
Chico man, woman held after guns, drugs found in home Action News 1-7-2016
Sheriff's deputy among those arrested in $2M pot bust WGAL News 1-4-2016
Calif. deputy arrested in York County on drug charges York Dispatch 1-4-2016
Drug task force agent suspected of illegally transporting 200 pounds of pot Appeal-Democrat 12-30-2015
Yuba County Sheriff's deputy arrested on drug charges in Pennsylvania ActionNews 12-30-2015
Wanted parolee arrested after assault rifles, ammunition found in Chico home ActionNews 12-23-2015
Trailer burns up after honey oil explosion ActionNews 12-20-2015
Marijuana lab found in warehouse fire near Chico ChicoER 12-14-2015
Commercial warehouse fire in Chico leads to discovery of honey oil lab ActionNews 12-14-2015
Oroville man allegedly used young kids to harvest pot plants ActionNews 12-11-2015
Paradise man shot and killed during home invasion robbery ActionNews 11-24-2015
Paradise man dies after being shot during home invasion, police say ChicoER 11-24-2015
Wyoming traffic stop leads to major Oroville drug bust ActionNews 11-18-2015
A ton of pot seized in raids on six locations OrovilleMR 11-18-2015
Drug agents bust large scale operation in Butte County ActionNews 11-18-2015
Environmental charges added in butane honey oil case KRCR-News 11-6-2015
4 arrested for child endangerment after drug lab explodes in Oroville ActionNews 11-6-2015
Alleged honey oil manufacturers facing environmental charges ActionNews 11-5-2015
Neighbors react after honey oil lab goes up in flames KRCR News 11-4-2015
Drug agents: Man burned in honey oil lab blast near 7 kids KRCR-News 11-4-2015
7 children inside Oroville home during Butane Honey Oil explosion ActionNews 11-4-2015
Marysville wrong-way driver found with 60 pounds of pot ActionNews 10-20-2015
Butte County deputies eradicate marijuana plantation in Plumas National Forest ChicoER 10-8-2015
Man shot during Butte County drug robbery ActionNews 10-6-2015
3 arrested after blasts at suspected honey oil drug lab in Carmichael SacBee 10-2-2015
Butte County deputies eradicate pot grows in Cherokee, Bangor ChicoER 9-28-2015
Suspects run from van packed with marijuana plants Appeal-Democrat 9-28-2015
Chico search stops marijuana from being mailed to Florida ChicoER 9-26-2015
5 arrested in mail drug sting, shipped off to jail ActionNews 9-26-2015
Two arrested for marijuana cultivation in Concow Oroville MR 9-10-2015
Authorities bust 3 pot grows near Concow ActionNews 9-10-2015
Three hurt in Yuba City butane blast Appeal-Democrat 9-1-2015
Butte County officers raid pot garden near Pulga ChicoER 8-28-2015
Butte County drug agents uncover commercial pot grows ActionNews 8-20-2015
2 arrested at Berry Creek marijuana grow ActionNews 8-19-2015
Butte County deputies bust Berry Creek pot grow ChicoER 8-18-2015
Authorities bust "large-scale" drug ring in Cohasset ActionNews 8-18-2015
Thermalito pot growing sweep results in 33 citations ChicoER 8-13-2015
Paradise man pleads no contest to large honey oil lab ActionNews 8-12-2015
Pot refining lab found in probation search; two arrested ChicoER 8-10-2015
Air patrols uncover remote Butte County pot grow ActionNews 8-10-2015
Detectives find 6 children at honey oil lab, 3 men arrested KRCR News 8-3-2015
2 men in critical condition after Shasta County honey oil explosion Action News 7-29-2015
60,000 pot plants destroyed by Trinity County authorities in July Action News 7-27-2015
Well-armed pot growers raided, 2,000 plants seized ChicoER 7-26-2015
2 Arrested in large-scale marijuana bust in Butte County KRCR-News 7-25-2015
23,000 marijuana plants eradicated in Plumas County ActionNews 7-24-2015
9,000 pot plants seized in Butte County bust ActionNews 7-21-2015
Honey oil explosion caused fire at Nord Avenue apartments ChicoER 7-15-2015
Honey oil blamed for Nord Avenue apartment fire ActionNews 7-15-2015
Search yields guns, marijuana in Yuba County Appeal-Democrat 7-14-2015
Sibling dispute sparks feds to raid marijuana grows on tribal land KRCR-News 7-9-2015
Suspected commercial pot growers busted ChicoER 7-2-2015
Butte County authorities bust 2 Oroville pot grows ActionNews 6-30-2015
Millions of dollars in marijuana destroyed in Humboldt County ActionNews 6-26-2015
Number of Measure A marijuana grow cases rises to 512 ChicoER 6-24-2015
Search warrant turns up butane honey oil lab, 3 arrested KRCR-TV 6-23-2015
Butte taskforce busts marijuana refining operation in Paradise ChicoER 6-19-2015
Honey oil lab, pot grow busted in Paradise ActionNews 6-19-2015
Yuba City drug bust uncovers $10 million worth of marijuana ActionNews 6-15-2015
Four people arrested in Oroville home invasion robbery ActionNews 5-22-2015
Chico man arrested for suspected butane honey oil lab ChicoER 5-9-2015
2 men in jail, 2 injured in suspected honey oil lab explosion, fire outside of Nevada City The Union 5-3-2015
2 Injured After Explosion, House Fire In Nevada City CBS Sacamento 5-2-2015
Three arrested during marijuana refining lab raid east of Oroville ChicoER 4-29-2015
Southern California residents busted in Butte County honey oil operation ActionNews 4-28-2015
Marysville homicide victim identified ActionNews 4-28-2015
Redding man dies from hash oil explosion injuries ActionNews 4-28-2015
Danger Next Door: Butane Honey Oil "Fires Off Like a Bomb" NCB Los Angeles - Not local, but a good story
Pot grower faces up to 4 years in jail ChicoER 4-22-2015
Explosion on Green Street tied to possible honey oil lab Record Searchlight 4-13-2015
Five badly burned in marijuana lab explosion in Redding ChicoER 4-13-2015
Redding explosion caused by suspected drug lab KRCR-TV 2-13-2015
Explosion at Redding home sends five to the hospital overnight ActionNews 4-13-2015
1,100 marijuana plants seized from major growing operation ActionNews 4-1-2015
70-pound pot bust made in Olivehurst Appeal-Democrat 3-27-2015
BINTF Reports explosion in Butte County Honey Oil Labs ActionNews 3-26-2015
Redding Fire: Honey oil lab fires more prevalent KRCR-TV 3-24-2015
2 injured in suspected honey oil lab explosion Record Searchlight 3-23-2015
Honey oil explosion in Redding, at least one arrested KRCR-TV 3-21-2015
Known gang members arrested in Chico on drug, weapons chargesActionNews 3-20-2015
Butte authorities: Three Wisconsin residents arrested after discovery of honey oil lab, marijuana in Concow ChicoER 3-18-2015
Wisconsin trio arrested for marijuana, honey oil operation in Butte County ActionNews 3-18-2015
2 arrested in enforcement of new marijuana growing rules KRCR-TV 3-6-2015
'Measure A' enforcement officers make large-scale pot bust ActionNews 3-5-2015
Brothers with ties to Butte County busted with 200 pounds of marijuana in Minnesota OrovilleMR 2-20-2015
Honey oil bust one of biggest in state Appeal-Democrat 2-4-2015
Yuba County agents bust largest honey oil lab to date ActionNews 2-3-2015
Agents bust super honey oil lab, arrest 6 Appeal-Democrat 1-30-2015California man guilty of raising pot farm on national forest ActionNews 1-29-2015
Honey oil lab behind weekend fire in Redding ActionNews 1-28-2015
Suspects in Oroville weekend robbery sought Oroville MR 1-23-2015
Authorities bust honey oil lab, marijuana operation in Shasta Lake ActionNews 1-22-2015
Brothers plead guilty to Shasta-Trinity Forest pot grow ActionNews 1-16-2015
Authorities identify men injured in marijuana refining lab explosion in Chico ChicoER 1-8-2015
Chico fire to seek charges against men involved in honey oil lab explosion ChicoER 1-5-2015
Cleanup continues at Chico apartment after honey oil explosion ActionNews 1-5-2015
Chico FD investigating possible Honey Oil Lab explosion ActionNews 1-4-2015
Explosion injures two, investigators suspect honey oil ChicoER 1-4-2015
BCSO: Passerby tied up during possible attempted marijuana robbery ActionNews 1-3-2015
Large drug operation found following honey oil explosion ActionNews 12-11-2014
Suspected honey oil lab explodes in Redding garage ActionNews 12-10-2014
Explosions reported in Redding house fire KRCR-TV 12-9-2014
Man, two teens in critical condition from Oroville-area drug lab explosion ChicoER 12-1-2014
Honey oil explosion caused Thermalito duplex fire ActionNews 12-1-2014
Suspected honey oil explosion, fire burns three people ChicoER 11-30-2014
Butte County teacher & husband charged with drug trafficking KRCR-TV 11-21-2014
Oroville 6th grade teacher facing federal drug charges ActionNews 11-21-2014
Seven charged for Oroville-area marijuana grow face January hearing ChicoER 11-20-2014
Durham couple indicted as part of Silk Road 2.0 crackdown Action news 11-20-2014
7 arrested in Butte County drug raid ActionNews 11-13-2014
Seven arrested during pot raid today ChicoER 11-12-2014
More than 1,000 pot plants destroyed in raid (Shasta) Record Searchlight 11-12-2014
9-1-1 hang-up call leads Butte County authorities to marijuana grow; 3 arrested, 2 flee ChicoER 11-7-2014
Ukiah drug lab explodes, hurts 2 ActionNews 11-7-2014
Butte Co. Deputies seize large amount of marijuana KRCR-News 11-6-2014
Detectives uncover large Butte County pot grow ActionNews 11-6-2014
B.I.N.T.F. Commander says drug sales hijacked FADE app, lead to sting operation ActionNews 11-4-2014
Six drug arrests in Chico, undercover operation included social media ChicoER 11-1-2014
Sheriff's office links marijuana gardens in Oroville, Forbestown and Berry Creek ChicoER 10-31-2014
Butte County drug bust nets 300-plus pounds of pot ActionNews 10-31-2014
Man burned in hash oil mishap KRCR News 10-30-2014
Chico men arrested in Arizona after K9 alerts to marijuana in car; 19 pounds seized ChicoER 10-28-2014
Cops arrest two in alleged marijuana garden bust in Oroville ChicoER 10-27-2014
Anonymous tip leads to arrests in Oroville foothills ChicoER 10-23-2014
3,000 pounds of marijuana seized in Shasta County raid ActionNews 10-22-2014
Trinity County marijuana raid leads to 10 arrests ActionNews 10-16-2014
Butte County detectives arrest 5 during marijuana bust in Forest Ranch ChicoER 10-14-2014
Sheriff's Office makes major drug bust in Forest Ranch ActionNews 10-14-2014
Deputy shoots at armed man near Sutter County Jail ActionNews 10-14-2014
Butte, Sutter authorities find cross-country marijuana trafficking operation in Northern California ChicoER 10-9-2014
Attempted robbery suspects impersonate DEA agents KRCR News 2014-10-03
Men seen in camouflage clothing on Oroville highway face charges after alleged attempt to rob marijuana garden ChicoER 10-2-2014
Marijuana operation found at vacant, foreclosed home ActionNews 10-2-2014
Butte County Sheriff's Office searching for "armed and dangerous" suspect ActionNews 10-2-2014
Man faces federal trial on charges of growing marijuana in Tehama County ChicoER 8-29-2014
Man seriously injured in Berry Creek stabbing ActionNews 8-19-2014
Two killed in botched robbery of marijuana grow [near Fresno] California Reuters via Yahoo News, 8-8-2014
Illegal marijuana grow raided in Oroville ActionNews 8-7-2014
Illegal marijuana grow raided today; four arrested, 206 plants seized ChicoER 8-5-2014
Butte County authorities raid marijuana grow in Berry Creek ChicoER 7-31-2014
BINTF busts large pot grow in Concow ActionNews 7-29-2014
Preliminary hearing continues for Berry Creek couple facing marijuana charges ChicoER 7-25-2014
Drug officials call honey oil labs in Butte County a "major problem" ActionNews 7-23-2014
Sheriff's deputies bust marijuana grow site amid homes near Berry Creek OrovilleMR 7-17-2014
Update: Arrest made in Bully Fire ChicoER 7-12-2014
Magalia resident given probation for marijuana refining lab OrovilleMR 7-11-2014
Man arrested after vegetation fire in Oroville OrovilleMR 6-24-2014
Oroville man held to answer for alleged pot shipment to Massachusetts ChicoER 6-17-2014
Hash oil explosion causes massive apartment fire KRCR-TV 6-1-2014
Hash oil suspected in Redding complex blaze ActionNews 6-2-2014
Honey oil lab caused explosion and fire; two taken to UC Davis with burns ChicoER 6-1-2014
Suspected Honey Oil Lab Goes Up in Smoke ActionNews 5-31-2014
Man sentenced for 2011 pot grow that included puppy mill ChicoER 5-29-2014
Drug Agents Targeting Honey Oil Lab Busts ActionNews 5-22-2014
Butte drug task force: Meth, marijuana continue as top problems ChicoER 5-20-2014
Chico State student injured in marijuana refining lab explosion ChicoER 5-19-2014
BINTF (Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force) releases annual report Action News 5-13-2014
Two get life in prison for killing of marijuana courier from Chico OrovilleMR 4-30-2014
Man convicted for role in Yankee Hill marijuana heist ChicoER 4-25-2014
Jury begins deliberations in alleged Yankee Hill marijuana heist ChicoER 4-22-2014
Investigators suspect drugs involved with April 4 fatal fire Action news 4-17-2014
Butte County detectives bust marijuana refining labs in Concow, Magalia ChicoER 4-4-2014
Paradise pair held for trial in marijuana refining lab case ChicoER 4-2-2014
Two arrests follow suspicious fire ChicoER 3-21-14
Preliminary hearing begins for defendant in Sept. hit-and-run that killed Chico State student Paradise Post 3-8-2014

Hoover is charged with felony driving under the influence causing injury for the death of Chesterman, a 21-year-old Chico State University nursing student from Livermore. He also faces the special allegation he inflicted great bodily injury causing coma. He also faces felony counts of leaving the scene of a crime, transporting marijuana for sale and manufacturing concentrated cannabis

Honey oil lab found in vacant Oroville residence Action news 3-5-2014
Honey oil extraction lab, 250 pounds of marijuana found in Feather Falls Action news 3-4-2014 (great slide-show)
Cops arrest seven in Feather Falls marijuana refining bust ChicoER 3-3-2014
30 pounds of marijuana found in Chico State parking garage KRCR-TV 3-1-2014
Agents seize honey oil lab, drugs & weapons in Paradise bust KRCR-TV 2-27-2014
Detectives bust marijuana refining lab in Paradise ChicoER 2-27-2014
Explosion at Howard Johnson Inn caused by marijuana honey oil lab Action News 2-22-2014
Man critically injured in motel drug lab explosion KRCR-TV 2-21-2014
Probation officers locate wanted Oroville man, marijuana refining lab ChicoER 2-19-2014
Car chase leads to drug bust in Paradise Action News 2-15-2014
Agents arrest man after finding items to refine marijuana ChicoER 1-31-2014
Butte County leads the state in marijuana refining process ChicoER 1-25-14
Marijuana refining lab explodes, suspect apparently injured ChicoER 1-15-2014
Large butane honey oil lab found in Magalia Action News 1-9-2014
Paradise mobile home fire caused by manufacturing of concentrated cannabis Action News 1-1-2014
Two arrested for marijuana after traffic stop in Orland ChicoER 12-28-2013
Thanksgiving Day shooting suspect arrested in Mt. Shasta Action News 12-20-2013
Man burned while trying to make hash oil KRCR-TV 12-20-2013
New photos of suspects wanted for deadly marijuana robbery KRCR-TV 12-18-2013
Jury convicts woman on marijuana, child endangerment counts OrovilleMR 12-17-2013
Palermo shooting death case sparks marijuana sales investigation OrovilleMR 12-17-2013
Shooting on Pinecrest Road deemed a pot transaction that went bad OrovilleMR 12/6/2013
Hunt Continues For One of Butte County’s Most Wanted Action News 11-8-13
Marijuana Green Rush District Attorney Mike Ramsey Interview on Action News 11-1-2013
Alleged drunken driver, two passengers injured after attempting to beat train; large amount of marijuana found on scene ChicoER 10-29-2013