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Board of Supervisors moves forward with recreational marijuana growing ordinance ChicoER 1-24-2017
Butte Co. Supervisors consider new recreational marijuana regulations ActionNews 1-24-2017
Board of Supervisors discusses commercial cannabis in the county ChicoER 12-6-2016
California votes to legalize marijuana; Butte sticks with its rules ChicoER 11-8-2016
Butte County supervisors formally oppose Measure L ChicoER 10-11-2016
Butte County Supervisors say "no" to measure L ActionNews 10-11-2016
Measure L proposes new medical marijuana rules in Butte County ChicoER 10-8-2016
The issue that won’t go away Chico News & Review 2016-09-29
Board of Supervisors respond to Measure L, Prop 64 impact report ChicoER 9-27-2016
Medical marijuana farmers, county seek common ground on new ordinances ActionNews 9-27-2016
Butane sale, possession restrictions coming soon to Chico ChicoER 6-22-2016
Butane resale, possession laws could be adopted in Chico ChicoER 6-19-2016
Voters pass Butte County Medical Marijuana Measures G and H ActionNews 6-9-2016
Marijuana restrictions, fracking ban pass ChicoER 6-7-2016
Butte County’s marijuana measures a portent of change ChicoER 5-29-2016
Butte County Marijuana Measures on June Ballot ActionNews 5-24-2016
Sutter County bans outdoor marijuana cultivation with urgency ordinance Appeal-Democrat 3-23-2016
Butte County board approves adding code enforcement staff; officials shift cannabis priorities ChicoER 3-22-2016
Butte County department asks for additional staff for marijuana code enforcement ChicoER 3-20-2016
Butte County Board of Supervisors discuss Measure A changes ActionNews 3-10-2026
On to the voters - Protested pot ordinances bound for the ballot Chico N&R 3-10-2016
Supervisors send Butte County marijuana rule changes to voters June 7 ChicoER 3-8-2016
Butte Co. Board of Supervisors reconsidering medical marijuana ordinances ActionNews 3-3-2016
North State cannabis farmers fighting for legitimacy ActionNews 2-18-2016
Enforcement issues slow Sutter County medical marijuana ordinance Appeal-Democrat 2-17-2016
[Shasta] Board of Supervisors bans commercial delivery of medical marijuana KRCR-News 2-2-2016
Chico council rejects ordinance expressly banning medical marijuana deliveries, dispensaries ChicoER 2-3-2016
Other counties, Paradise take action on marijuana growing ChicoER 1-13-2016
Pot proponents scorn Yuba County supervisors Appeal-Democrat 1-12-2016
Butte County supervisors unanimously approve tweaks to medical marijuana cultivation ordinance ChicoER 1-12-2016
California DOJ investigating NET-5 after agent's arrest Appeal-Democrat 1-11-2016
Butte County supervisors to consider changes to medical marijuana growing rules Tuesday ChicoER 1-10-2016
Oroville expands city marijuana rules to bar processing, mobile deliveries Oroville MR 1-6-2016
Paradise planning panel backs marijuana ban ChicoER 12-22-2015
Despite overwhelming opposition, Paradise medical pot ban moves forward ActionNews 12-22-2015
Paradise Planning Commission seeking public comment on medical marijuana ban ActionNews 12-21-2015
Marysville: Yes to pot dispensaries, no to pot growing Appeal-Democrat 12-16-2015
Supervisors face tough decisions regarding commercial medical marijuana Chico N&R 11-12-2015
How California's new medical marijuana regulations affect 'Measure A' ActionNews 11-11-2015
Discussion on state marijuana laws leads to differing proposals for future Butte County policies ChicoER 11-10-2015
Measure A medical marijuana cases slow as season nears end ChicoER 10-27-2014
Sweep of Bangor, Honcut and Palermo results in 19 pot growing citations ChicoER 9-16-2015
Code enforcement updates county on Measure A enforcement ActionNews 9-16-2015
Number of Measure A medical marijuana cases increases 33 percent to 1,262 OrovilleMR 9-15-2015
Code enforcement issues $1.1 million in fines so far for year KRCR-News 9-15-2015
Marijuana measure to circulate for signatures Appeal-Democrat 8-19-2015
Measure A medical marijuana cases increase 85 percent in seven weeks ChicoER 8-11-2015
California cracking down on Honey Oil labs ActionNews 8-10-2015
Butane Honey Oil: The Danger Next Door ActionNews 7-16-2015
Residents: Marijuana cultivation out of control in Trinity Co. KRCR-TV 7-7-2015
(VIDEO) Measure A: 6 months of Butte County's new marijuana rules Action News 6-23-2015
Official: Public reporting leading to more marijuana cases KRCR-TV 6-23-2015
Measure A: 6 months of Butte Countys new marijuana rules ActionNews 6-23-2015
Calif. Supreme Court rejects [Yuba County] pot appealAppeal-Democrat 5-22-2015
Judge dismisses 'Measure A' lawsuit ActionNews 5-14-2015
Judge dismisses lawsuit against Butte County measure regulating size of marijuana grows ChicoER 5-13-2015
Pot supporters target Yuba County supervisor for recall Appeal-Democrat 4-29-2015
Redding City Council passes new pot ordinance ActionNews 4-22-2015
Marijuana protest goes to state Supreme Court Appeal-Democrat 4-21-2015
Attorney: Yuba County pot case to state Supreme Court Appeal-Democrat 4-17-2015
Illegal Butane Hash Oil (BHO) and Meth Manufacturing Target of Legislation Approved by Calif. Senate Public Safety Committee – SB 212 California News Wire 4-14-2015
Judge denies stay on Yuba county pot ordinance Appeal-Demoocrat 4-11-2015
After ruling, pot referendum petitions are turned away Appeal-Democrat 4-10-2015
Cultivating rumors - County officials set record straight on Measure A lawsuit Chico N&R 4-9-2015
Pot-Growers appeal rejected Appeal-Democrat 4-9-2015
Ruling expected soon in Yuba County pot case Appeal-Democrat 4-8-2015
Enforcement of medical marijuana Measure A now includes 16 citations ChicoER 4-7-2015
Measure A enforcement so far: 74 total cases, 16 citations, five arrests ActionNews 4-7-2015
Legal challenge to Yuba County pot law forthcoming Appeal-Democrat 3-27-2015
Yuba County officials scurry to carry out outdoor pot banAppeal_Democrat 3-13-2015
Yuba County bans outdoor marijuana grows ActionNews 3-11-2015
Yuba County adopts outdoor pot cultivation ban Appeal-Democrat 3-11-2015
18 Measure A complaints so far; Durham Worm Farm will take hit ActionNews 3-6-2015
Shasta County to hire 'Measure A' enforcement staff ActionNews 3-4-2015
Tehama County bans outdoor marijuana grows ActionNews 3-4-2015
Tehama County bans outdoor marijuana grows ChicoER 3-3-2015
Tehama County passes ban on outdoor medical marijuana grows, but with exceptions Record-Searchlight 3-3-2015
Butte County code enforcement goes door to door in Thermalito to explain medical marijuana ordinance ChicoER 2-25-2015
Spreading the "Measure A" word in Butte County ActionNews 2-25-2015
Code enforcement officers educate public about Measure A KRCR-TV 2-25-2015
Code Enforcement Officers do door to door outreach on Measure A ActionNews 2-25-2015
Yuba County pot law nears final OK Appeal-Democrat 2-25-2015
Yuba County officials tighten up pot restrictions ActionNews 2-24-2015
Door-to-door marijuana growing rule explainer planned WednesdayChicoER 2-23-2015
Butte County gets new officers for marijuana ChicoER 2-19-2015
6 officers hired to enforce Measure A in Butte County ActionNews 2-19-2015
Yuba County Board backs tougher Pot Law Appeal-Democrat 2-11-2015
Supes ready to tackle medical marijuana ordinance Appeal-Democrat 2-8-2015
VIdeo - A new fight against Butte County medical marijuana growing rules ActionNews 2-4-2015
A new fight against Butte County medical marijuana growing rules ActionNews 2-4-2015
Lawsuit seeks to block Butte County’s marijuana cultivation ordinanceOroville MR 2-4-2015
Measure A opponents to sue Butte County ActionNews 2-3-2015
Pot law enforcement may be short $1M in Yuba County Appeal-Democrat 1-15-2015
Yuba County eyes tougher marijuana law Appeal-Democrat 1-14-2015
New Butte County PAC to fight Measure A medical marijuana rules ActionNews 1-12-2015
Butte County erects 'stay in the box' Measure A billboards ActionNews 1-9-2015
Butte County Board of Sups approve Measure A budget ActionNews 12-9-2014
Butte board approved funding for pot garden rules enforcement ChicoER 12-9-2014
Butte supes to review cost of marijuana cultivation enforcement ChicoER 12-7-2014
Tougher Butte pot growing code should go into effect in January ChicoER 11-6-2014
Butte County officials discuss Measure A ActionNews 11-5-2014
Measure A voters tired of out-of-town pot growers KRCR-TV 11-5-2014
Sheriff Honea: Measure A will get handle on illegal grows affecting public safety ActionNews 11-5-2014
Butte voters choose pot Measure A over B ChicoER 11-5-2014
Measure A and B radio debate ActionNews 11-4-2014
Republicans upset over 'deceptive' mailers KRCR-TV 10-31-2014
Outlook for states' pot legalization measures goes from solid to shaky LA Times 10-29-2014
Medi-pot mess draws ire - Federal official calls on California to regulate medical marijuana Chico N&R 10-22-2014
Crunch time for measures A and B Action news 10-16-2014
Butte County voters to decide future of marijuana grows KRCR News 10-13-2014
Money Pouring in on the Butte County Med Pot Measures Front ActionNews 10-11-2014
Sign Wars: Butte County Measures A and B Action News 9-24-2014
Group aims to legalize marijuana use in California ChicoER 9-24-2014
Colorado's missing marijuana taxes CNN Money 9-2-2014
City of Oroville to host workshop on Honey Oil dangers ActionNews 7-10-2014
California [Lake] County Bans Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grows HuffPost 6-5-2014
After 5 Months of Sales, Colorado Sees the Downside of a Legal High NY 5-31-2014
Lawsuit filed over Fresno pot growing ban ActionNews 5-29-2014

"The City of Live Oak in Northern California passed a similar marijuana cultivation ban that was upheld in court. The ACLU says its case raises different arguments."

Butte medical marijuana initiative has enough signatures OrovilleMR 5-22-2014
Medical marijuana initiative certified ActionNews 5-22-2014
Supervisor candidates tackle hot topics in voter forum ChicoER 5-14-2014
Initiative filed to stop pot growing regulation by Butte County ChicoER 5-6-2014
Butte County Medical Marijuana Ordinance to be on November Ballot ActionNews 4-22-2014
Supervisors decide to put to pot growing regulations to a vote OrovilleMR 4-22-2014
Measure to block most recent Butte pot growing rule certified ChicoER 4-15-2014
Butte County 'Medical Marijuana Ordinance' forced to referendum Action News 4-14-2014
Legal pot hasn't stopped Colo. black market USA Today 4-4-2014
Don't Go to Pot Commentary Magazine 4-1-2014
Shasta County sees spike in illegal pot grows Action news 3-30-2014
Cannabis confusion - Sorting out the multiple efforts to legalize marijuana Chico News & Review 3-27-14
Supreme court lets Live Oak pot growing ban to stand ChicoER 3-27-2014

"There is no "unfettered right to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes," the appeals court said.
Regulation of medical marijuana cultivation does not conflict with Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act approved by voters in 1996, or the 2003 Medical Marijuana Program approved by the Legislature, the appeals court said.

Medical marijuana on the November ballot (Shasta County) KRCR-TV 3-19-2014
Opponents to Butte marijuana cultivation law deliver petitions OrovilleMR 3-12-2014
Group hands in med marijuana referendum signatures today Action News 3-12-2014
Humboldt County supervisors OK letter against marijuana 'trespass grows;' campaign finance reform discussion moved forward Willits News 3-12-2014
California oversight may be coming to pot shops KRCR-TV 3-9-2014
Move over, meth: Marijuana 'grow houses' an increasing menace MSN Real-Estate
Tehama County budget adjustments included extra help for marijuana control ChicoER 3-5-2014
How Not to Make a Hash Out of Cannabis Legalization Washington Monthly Mar/Apr/May 2014
The right way to legalize marijuana (no, we've been doing it wrong) LA Times 3-3-2014
California cities, police chiefs support pot regulation for first time SacBee 3-2-2014
Jerry Brown worries about marijuana legalization and 'potheads' SacBee 3-2-2014
Unregulated Cannabis Wreaks Foothills Destruction in California New Media America 3-1-2014
Pot push in Congress - Eighteen members of Congress urge Obama to ease pot restrictions Chico N&R 2-20-2014
New group to fight medical marijuana referendum efforts, stick up for approved ordinance Action News 2-17-2014
Butte gets stricter pot growing rulesOrovilleMR 2-12-2014
Referendum petitions for medical marijuana ordinance hit Chico streets Action News 2-12-2014
Butte pot growing ordinance gets final OK OrovilleMR 2-11-2014
Butte County Adopts Stricter Medical Marijuana Ordinance Action news 2-11-2014
Butte board expects stricter pot rules to face public vote OrovilleMR 1-28-2014
Another Unanimous Vote of Approval for More Restrictive Medical Marijuana Ordinance Action News 1-28-2014
Medical marijuana rules tightened by Butte Board of Supervisors KRCR-TV 1-28-2014
Public Outcry Pushes Tighter Marijuana Rules In Butte County KRCR-TV 1-16-2014
Aiming high - Medical-marijuana advocate hopes to stop changes to county ordinance Chico News & Review 1-16-2014
Butte County Board of Supervisors change medical marijuana ordinance Action News 1-14-2014
Butte County supervisors move to tighten pot garden rules OrovilleMR 1-14-2014
Enforcing Butte's medical marijuana rules: Code officers work with smiles and handshakes ChicoER 9-4-2013